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  • League ِALSAFWA University College
  • The new student club opening in the College of elite Ahlia University
  • College students are taking the elite university in theory lesson for Anatomy at the University of Kufa
  • Kufa University receives student delegation from the College of the elite university eligibility
  • new site of our college
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League ِALSAFWA University College

2015/07/27 06:16

The beginning of the college football tournament for the academic year 2014 - 2015 The games are held on squares Unity Sports Club The college contribution to the success of this league sports c... read more

The new student club opening in the C...

2015/07/26 10:30

Dean of the Faculty elite Ahlia University College Club opened and described the project as the first in terms of the use of modern technologies in the packaging, design and delivery of services to st... read more

College students are taking the elite...

2015/07/26 10:14

Students delegation visited the Department of Pharmacy at the College of the elite Ahlia University Department of Anatomy at the Medical College of Kufa to take lessons theory about the bodies in the ... read more

Kufa University receives student dele...

2015/07/26 10:10

He was visited by a delegation from the Deanship and students of the Faculty of elite civil university presidency of the University of Kufa and met with Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and a number of... read more

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